Intelligent LED

TrikLits – G42

Since developing the TrikLit in 2010, Rainmin Illumination has evolved with RGB technology over the past decade to offer pixels in a variety of shapes, voltages and chipsets. Rainmin integrates with both ArtNet & sACN programs, and offers clever do-it-yourself stock controllers for new installers.

Life Span of LEDs

RGB-LED’s in a perfect world, pretty much run forever. Though over time the light output will slowly get lower. Most LED’s all have about the same specs for hours, which is about 80% of initial brightness at 30,000 hours, and 70% around 50,000 hours. This is accurate for Minleon LED’s.

But just as important is the temperature the RGB-LED’s are running at. Higher temperatures will reduce the output faster. Minleon controls the power to our RGB-LED’s in software which limits the maximum temperature, thus extending the lifetime. This is one of our competitive advantages.

Most likely something else will fail long before the LED’s are a problem. This is why Minleon, over the years, has bulked up its wiring, improved the water-tightness of its base & switched to Twist-&-Lock connectors for all strings & connectors in 2017’s RGB Plus Line.

Running hours for a typical application:

50,000 hours = 2083 days or 8 years of 24-hour run-time at full brightness.
If used only 12 hours a day with typical effects they will last 3-6 times longer, or 24-48 years.

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