Intelligent LED

RGB+ Holiday Strings

Color-changing, individually controllable, decorative C7's, C9's, G40's, etc. Get the same look of your LED retrofits on a molded RGB-LED string: faceted, frosted, clear. Why buy a static color when you can rig a light string capable of 65,000 dimming levels? New WS option for installations that don't require a premium bit rate. Traditional bulb shapes and styles available to fit any scene. Use ArtNet, sACN or Rainmin WEC and NEC to play effects.

RGB+Holiday Strings Data Sheet
  • Holiday decor
  • Christmas trees, wreaths, garland
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Light canopies
  • Landscape lighting

Bulb shape: C9, C7, G50, G40, G30, G20, M10, F7
Bulb style: faceted, frosted, clear
Wire color: green, black, white, clear
Light count: 5, 10, 25, custom with MOQ
Chipset: RGB+/UCS (16-bit, 65,536 dimming curve), WS2811 (8-bit, 256 dimming curve)