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Definition: minleon (adj.) – bright (Mandarin Chinese)

Minleon is the largest manufacturer-importer of LED holiday replacement bulbs in the USA commercial market, with manufacturing facilities in China and on-site customer service, support and warehousing in the USA. We own our own factories, which give us a consistent product, custom order flexibility and quicker lead times.

Formed in 2005, Minleon quickly established a presence in the industry by focusing on superior product quality, reliability and customer service.

Our core product line includes LED decorative replacement/retrofit bulbs of all shapes and sizes. In 2007 Minleon introduced the first successful dimming LED replacement bulb capable of working with automated lighting software. This competitive edge further strengthened Minleon’s market presence.

Continuing this innovative strategy, Minleon entered the high-energy RGB-LED intelligent lighting field by manufacturing a series of color-changing light strings, tubes & fixtures. With vertical integration in mind, Minleon added a comprehensive offering of RGB light controllers with open-source RGB animation software (DDP)–that can also integrate popular third-party ArtNet and sACN (E1.31) protocols for lighting industry veterans.

With its established nationwide network of distributors–professional, trained experts in installation & programming–Minleon is positioned as a leader in decorative intelligent lighting, to match its current leading position in the traditional, decorative LED retrofit commercial market.

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