Intelligent LED

RGBW-Pro Flex Strip

Indoor and outdoor-rated, addressable flexible strip. RGBW, 24VDC, 7-to-1 LED to chip ratio, 16-bit dimming curve. Black backing to blend in dark areas when not lit. Cuttable.

2023 RGBW+Flex Strip-24V - Data Sheet
  • Ambient lighting for restaurants, bars, clubs.
  • Theatrical & stage lighting
  • DJ booths
  • Retail storefronts

IP Rating:  IP65 with full silicone cover, or non-IP indoor version

RGBW 24VDC or RGB 12VDC (with white backing, and 2-to-1 LED to chip ratio).

Length:  5-meter (standard),  1-meter, 10-meters, custom