Intelligent LED

Bullet Pixels

Rainmin's most affordable RGB pixel, has both an RGBW option and a WS2811 option for installations where the dimming curve and high bit rate is unnecessary--and where UL listing is necessary. These 9mm bullet shaped pixels are the smallest ArtNet and sACN controllable pixels in Rainmin's lineup. Ideal for holiday decor and digital Christmas tower trees.

RGB+BulletPixel Data Sheet Bullets w/ Green Hippo Media Server
  • Tower trees, branch wrapped
  • Holiday decor: wreaths, garland
  • Light tunnels
  • Pixel boards

Chipset/Bit rate/Dimming Curve: RGBW+/UCS 16-bit 65,536 greyscale (premium); RGB+/UCS 16-bit 65,536 greyscale; WS2811 8-bit 256 greyscale (value, maintaining UL listing)

Wire color: green, black, white, clear
Pixel spacing: 4-, 6-, 12-inch & custom

Pro Tips

Rainmin manufactures Bullet Pixels for every budget, and are always UL listed.  Don’t need the pro, 16-bit dimming curve of the RGB+ line? Then look into our RGB-SE Bullet 8-bit value line (WS chipset).  All the same control options, the same pro build and certifications, but with a limited dimming curve for residential applications that are not programming highly animated effects.