WEC+2 – Gen2 Wi-Fi Effects Controller

Minleon-Rainmin's Gen2 WiFi Effects Controller individually addresses up to 400 pixels, has a 5-custom color selector with dozens of colors to choose, over 20 stock effects, and two favorite shows with daylight timer to set it, and forget it. On board ambient light sensor acts as a timer. Group multiples via third-party WiFi router, or simply use to boost a single WEC's range. Like Apps? Download "Pixel Dancer", and set your animations to music!

RGB+WEC2 - User Guide WEC+2 User Guide- ROUTERS WEC+2 Data Sheet WEC+2 Boss-v2.0 firmware update - April 2023 WECCertificate
  • Patio light canopies
  • Residential rooflines
  • Landscape lighting
  • Botanical gardens
  • Holiday décor

External antenna: WEC-Boss

Control options:  Web UI, or Pixel Dancer App

Pro Tips

Use the Pixel Dancer App to set your lights to music, or to animate to the ambient sounds at the installation.