RGB Accessories

Power T

Inline power injection T-way after 100L or 100-feet (12V strings), whichever comes first, or 180-200L/200-feet with 24V strings. Isolates power forward, to prevent crossing voltage in the installation. Will not back-feed power to WECs. Cap it to use solely as a power blocker—think perimeter lighting. Use with similar voltage power supply as your lights.

  • Perimeter lighting.
  • Installations with long, linear runs over 100-lights.
  • Globe gardens.
  • Architectural lighting with Color Tiles and Flood Tiles.

Length: 12″ across/6″ drop (standard); 24″ across/12″drop
Color: black, green
Wire count: 3-wire, 4-wire (for RGB+2, double data strings)