Mini-LED's & String Sets

Minleon's commercial grade LED String Sets ...


... have a life span two years longer than retail grade competitors.  Our automated manufacturing process gives us  a steady consistent product with color matching from one year to the next.  

String sets are available in G40, G30, G20, C7, C6, G12, 5mm Wide Angle, T5 & M5  shapes.  Most shapes also have a clear, faceted or frosted option.

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Running hours for a typical application:  

50,000 hours = 2083 days or 8 years of 24-hour run-time at full brightness.  

If used only 12 hours a day they will last 3-6 times longer, or 24-48 years.

5mm wide-angle, multi-color LED string

5mm wide-angle, multi-color LED string

2018 - Mini-Lights Sales Flyer (pdf)