LED Replacement Bulbs

Minleon's commercial-grade LED Replacement Bulbs ...

... save energy, are long-lasting, unbreakable, waterproof, cool-to-the-touch  and available with a dimming option.  Other options are solid color,  color-changing & twinkle.

New in 2017,  Minleon is manufacturing an SMD-LED retrofit bulb, while still offering  the traditional DIP-LED. Click on the Sales Flyer to the right for more  details on that item. 

All  Minleon retrofit bulbs have a life span two years longer than retail grade competitors while our automated manufacturing process gives us a  steady consistent product with color matching from one year to the next.  


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Running hours for a typical application:

50,000 hours = 2083 days or 8 years of 24-hour run-time at full brightness.

If used only 12 hours a day they will last 3-6 times longer, or 24-48 years.

Minleon SMD-LED replacement bulbs

Minleon SMD-LED replacement bulbs

2019 SMD-LED Retrofits - Data Sheet (pdf)



UL Certification E322335 - UL 588 (pdf)


UL Certification - E489242-20170512 - 1993 (pdf)


CSA_Compliance (pdf)