Unicorn Gateway (indoor)

The Unicorn Gateways are the bridge between your intelligent lighting and remote, off-site LED control via the Cloud.  The Indoor Gateway has a range of about 2-miles, if installed with no substantial physical barriers between it, and the installed Field Controllers. Hardwired to the installation's on-site Internet network (via a dedicated DHCP, un-firewalled port), the Unicorn Gateway is typically installed at a central, high point amongst the Unicorn Field Controllers where it will transmit the data commands for the intelligent light strings, by way of LoRa wireless technology.  Minleon's Unicorn Gateways are manufactured by MultiTech, Inc. (

  • To group Unicorn Field Controllers
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Festoons & Light Canopies
  • Architectural lighting
  • Landscape Lighting

LoRa Wireless
Cellular Wireless (available as a custom solution for some installations)

Pro Tips

Be sure your Gateway is physically connected via CAT 5 Ethernet cable to an existing, on-site, network port that is set to a DHCP, random IP assignment, and is outside of any firewalls.