RGB+ Pixel Control Solutions

Network Data Box (NDB+)

RGB+Network Data Box (NDB+)


  • ArtNet
  • E1.31 / sACN (unicast)
  • DDP

Network Effects Controller (NEC)

RGB Network Effects Controller (NEC)

Stock Programs

  • 23 x 2-D effects
  • SD Drive supports X-Lights & LSP
  • 3.5mm Audio output (.WAV support)
  • DMX in/out (2 x Ethernet ports)
  • Supports 16 x NDB's via Net Switch

Wi-Fi Effects Controller (WEC+)

RGB+ Wi-Fi Effects Controller (WEC)

Smart Phone & Tablet control 

  • 3 color selection
  • 27 x linear effects
  • link multiples
  • Small to mid-sized projects:  400 Max bulbs per WEC+

4-port NDB+


All in One Option

  • same functionality as 16-port NDB+
  • ships with weatherproof box & power
  • ideal for perimeter lighting

Mini-Controller (MC+)


Entry Level RGB

  • RF remote control
  • 3-color selection
  • 23 stock effect
  • Control up to 500 RGB's

A brief video overview of Minleon-Rainmin's 2018 RGB Control options.