RGB+ Accessories

Learn how to inject power & when to boost the data signal. Take a peak into our RGB tool box.

Smart T+

RGB+Smart T

  • Add individually controlled strings to an NDB+ output
  • Create a 2-D grid with the WEC+

Power T+ & RGB+5 Amp

RGB+Power T

12-volt power covers approx. 100-feet and 100 RGB's, whichever come first.  After those thresholds, use these power injectors.

Data Boosters


Making a jump greater than 15-feet between RGB's or after the controller?  We need to use 4-wire Extender Cables and these Data Boosters.

Basic T+


  • Split an RGB run to display parallel effects, in turn reducing the channel count
  • Back feed power to the WEC+ (Wi-Fi Effects Controller)

Pebble Mounting Clip


Adjustable view angle, RGB Pebble Mounting Clip.

3-wire Spacers & 4-wire Extenders


  • Use 3-wire Spacers up to 15-feet
  • Pair 4-wire Extenders with Data Boosters for runs of 20-feet and greater